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About Us

Prism Health Lab is a community-based medical practice that has served Chicagoland residents since 1987. In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we pivoted our practice to support local communities and have made significant strides by focusing our efforts on COVID-19 specific services. To date, we have tested over 50,000 people.


We’ve created eight permanent locations, each of which has an incredible story and was offered as a gift by the communities we serve.  We’ve also built  mobile teams that can work across the State, ready to be deployed as new hotspots arise.  We’re dedicated to our neighbors, and have partnered with a variety of organizations and leaders including local and County Health Departments, school districts, the City of Chicago and its Aldermen, food banks, Brookfield Zoo, and professional organizations like the Chicago Medical Society.

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The History of Prism Health Lab


Prism opens full medical practice on Devon

When Prism Medical Center first started, there was one location in the West Side of Chicago helping mainly the minority communities. The center was started by Dr. M.S. Kapadia and his team of doctors to provide excellent care for the communities in this area.


Prism opens immigration medical center

Prism Medical Center shifted to a primarily Immigration Medical Center. With new locations, Prism was able to help thousands of individuals get their medical examinations for immigration. Demand for this paperwork and medical examination was through the roof, so Prism opened 10 new locations and was able to reach people all across the Chicagoland area.


Public service

Prism Health Lab (PHL), a subsidiary of a medical practice based in Chicago for over 30 years, was founded at Harvard Innovation Lab to serve the public during the COVID-19 pandemic. A sense of duty to service compels PHL to become a contributing member of the society through acknowledging the needs of the community. (William Jung, Left. Zul Kapadia, Right.)


Prism opens Prism Health Lab

To be able to help as many people as possible, Prism recognized the shift in healthcare and is now testing for COVID-19 in patients through a unique approach to medical service. Locations in the Chicagoland area will help identify infectious diseases in humans and help with more diagnostic testing.

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