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physiotherapy office Pickering

physiotherapy office Pickering

What are some of the services to prioritize when choosing a physiotherapy office in Pickering? Amberlea Physiotherapy & Rehab Clinic provides the best-quality functional health therapies to help you lead a healthier life. Is a tragic motor vehicle accident, sports injury, or repetitive use fracture the instrument of your persistent functional health problems? Here are the five main characteristics of an efficient Pickering physio clinic:

  1. Solid reputation - Our physiotherapy rehab has an impressive track record with positive client reviews. We credit our highly-skilled, knowledgeable, therapists, and support staff for helping us maintain the highest degree of therapeutic care. We urge our clients to read our reviews to verify our claims. Our Pickering physical rehab retains the services of experts in the field that have proven expertise and hands-on training.
  1. License and certification - Our clinic is a registered healthcare treatment facility in Ontario. All of our licensed, board-certified physiotherapists attend routine training and complete educational courses to sharpen their skills. In that, we can guarantee exemplary therapeutic care and efficient services. Plus, we have liability insurance in case of any unforeseen accidents. We strive to protect all of our workers and patients.
  1. Service options - Our premier physical health rehab facility providing physiotherapy in Pickering is a full-service treatment center. Based on your diagnosis and health history, we will create an integrative treatment plan that suits you. At our treatment facility, you will get all the physiotherapy services you need for optimal recovery and exceed your expectations. Our Pickering sports medicine therapist will support you every step of the way from your initial consultation to coordinating your treatment and rehabilitation programs.
  1. Expertise - If you need a highly efficient manual practitioner, our massage therapist in Pickering won’t disappoint you. All of our physiotherapists have impressive manual dexterity and technical anatomy physiology expertise. We know how to optimize your body for maximum performance and healing. Plus, we utilize modern tools to optimize the result of manual therapy. Our massage services in Pickering, such as deep-tissue treatment, kinesiology taping, trigger-point therapy, myofascial are second to none. Through routine training and educational programs, our certified therapists continue to improve their delivery.
  1. Free evaluation - During your initial visit to our physio rehab, our attending therapist will perform a quick 15-minute interview and assessment. We generally start with a preliminary question-and-answer session to evaluate the severity of your symptoms. It will also allow us to understand more about your health history and lifestyle. As part of your evaluation, we will do a deep dive study to know what your functional limitations are and the root cause.

Will this be your first appointment with a physiotherapy office in Pickering? We are ready to hear your case. Visit Amberlea Physiotherapy & Rehab Clinic online to book your free appointment now or call (905) 492 - 5588 to speak directly with a specialist. If you want to schedule your appointment online, please include a detailed summary of your symptoms. Take care to complete the contact request form correctly to avoid delays. An available physiotherapist will contact you shortly.

physiotherapy office Pickering



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