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Physician Preference Cards

Physician Preference Cards

When a surgeon enters the operating room to perform an operation on a patient, there is an infinite number of elements that need to be carefully placed in the right place to help the procedure go as smoothly as possible. You have to coordinate personnel, materials, tools, and even the arrangement of the elements in the operating room. Achieving a perfect level of coordination is almost impossible without the proper tools to perform such a task in the best possible way. 

Many medical centers today continue to work with traditional tools and physical forms and doctor preference cards, as they have been doing for the last few decades, but in the healthcare centers most committed to the success and safety of their patients, it is more common to find systems managed by Electronic Health Records (EHR) software in conjunction with some strategy of preference card standardization.

Some examples of the results of the use of preference cards in the best healthcare centers are reason enough for any medical center to start seriously considering implementing a strategy of standardization of surgical preference cards to improve their efficiency and the results they obtain in general.

However, the use of tools such as preference cards must be accompanied by routine maintenance and updating to ensure that the system always has accurate information. Otherwise, you run the risk of creating even more significant problems than those originally intended to be solved with the use of preference cards, such as misuse and misallocation of medical equipment and supplies, staff and surgeon dissatisfaction, and even staff retention problems.

Choosing the right provider for your preference cards can be what puts your facility in a very favorable position to achieve the success you want. 

At PrefCards, we have been striving for years to design the most advanced and user-friendly solution when it comes to preference cards for surgeons who want the best quality and the highest levels of customization without sacrificing ease of use.

Choosing PrefCards allows your healthcare facility to achieve success through:

Reducing costs and waste

Most surgeons have an estimate of what surgical supplies they need and in what quantity. By using preference cards to communicate their needs to pre-op teams, surgeons help make better use of facility resources.

Improved surgical outcomes 

Another result of using this type of tool is that favorable surgical outcomes begin to become easier to maintain because surgeons are in control of nearly all conditions within the operating room.

Increasing operational efficiency

The use of preference cards eliminates the possibility of having redundant personnel in the operating room or requiring ad hoc personnel for different surgical procedures. 

Successfully implementing tools and technology in the daily work of healthcare facilities is one of the most reliable ways to achieve high levels of success and, in parallel, increase patient safety.

If you want to know more about how to implement preference cards in your facility, sign up for a free surgeon account, request a demo, call us, or contact us online: https://demo.prefcards.com/?_ga=2.33395960.711769887.1630815588-1036022301.1630815588 

Physician Preference Cards
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Physician Preference Cards
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