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Laser Therapy for Snoring Oak Park

Laser Therapy for Snoring Oak Park

TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre offers the best laser therapy for snoring in Oak Park at affordable prices. We are a highly sought-after TMJ treatment center with non-invasive and advanced therapies and a skilled board-licensed dentist.

Laser surgery vs. laser treatment for sleep apnea diagnosis

Laser-assisted uvulopalatoplasty (LAUP) uses a fractionated CO2 ablative laser to remove the surface layer of skin, warts, and small amounts of tissue. LAUP removes the excess tissues from the uvula and the soft palate and prevents them from flapping in the airway while you sleep. LAUP can improve the flow of oxygen in the airway and improve your overall breathing. However, after LAUP, some patients suffer from speech difficulties.

On the other hand, laser snoring treatments are safe, free from side effects, and 100% non-invasive. Our laser treatment for sleep apnea and snoring prevents the uvula and the soft palate from hanging down into your airway during sleep. This therapy uses a different type of laser from LAUP. It uses controlled heating to shrink the collagen fibers in the soft palate tissues. The use of laser in sleep disorders improves breathing, reduces snoring, and helps you enjoy better quality sleep.

Types of TMJ Splint for sleep apnea and snoring treatment

TMJ splints are primarily of two types: permissive splints and non-permissive splints. Permissive splints are more common in practice. Your doctor may provide you with an obstructive sleep apnea oral splint that fits your upper and lower teeth. This device will limit grinding and clenching, align your jaw joints and muscles with the sockets, and reduce snoring. Permissive splints come with a smooth and flat surface.

On the other hand, non-permissive splints help reposition the jaw by limiting movement. These devices force the jawbone into a forward position when you close your mouth.

Benefits of a TMJ Splint

One of the most advanced methods available for treating TMJ disorders is using a splint. You can wear a TMJ splint on the upper or lower teeth, and it looks like a mouthguard. The purpose of a TMJ splint is to improve your jaw alignment, reduce snoring, teeth clenching, and grinding. Wearing a TMJ splint reduces some of the issues causing your TMJ problems and improves jaw alignment. It also relaxes the facial muscles and creates a cushioned surface between your teeth. Some of the benefits of a TMJ oral appliance include:

  1. Reduced teeth clenching and grinding
  2. Reduces damage to the teeth caused by tooth grinding or clenching.
  3. Improves oral hygiene
  4. Reduce snoring and sleep apnea.
  5. Ensures better quality sleep and improves overall productivity at work and when performing daily responsibilities
  6. Reduces muscle tension and pressure and alleviates headaches, earaches, and jaw tenderness.
  7. Improves breathing
  8. Improves jaw alignment over time.
  9. It can improve the facial shape as it creates a proper jaw position.

Dr. Shirazi is a seasoned OSA doctor specializing in laser therapy for snoring in Oak Park. TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre has reformed the sleep quality of thousands of patients with snoring problems in and around Thousand Oaks and Brentwood using advanced treatments and therapies. Contact us at 805-496-5700 or 310-401-0813 for appointments.

Laser Therapy for Snoring Oak Park



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