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Article provided by: Hats For You, Inc.

Chemo Caps

Chemo Caps

Hats For You makes it easy to shop for quality chemo caps that not only provide secure coverage for cancer patients and women who are experiencing hair loss but add a touch of femininity and sophistication to any wardrobe. Our hats, caps, scarves, and headwear are an attractive way to enhance any outfit in just seconds. We offer a terrific selection of chemo caps, including:

Two-Way Caps

One of our most popular choices- the Two-Way Cap is a little like owning the perfect little black dress. No outfit won’t respond positively to their influence. Wear our two-way chemo caps in three different ways: Without the bow, for a more casual look, with the large, attractive bow for a more sophisticated look, or with a colorful headscarf threaded through the back loop.
Our one-size-fits-all Two-Way Caps affordable, reliable coverage that can be pulled on quickly, allowing you to be ready-to-go in a moment’s notice. Choose from pages upon pages of color and pattern options, including Cotton Coral Kaleidoscope, Showtime Batick, Pink Watercolor, Summer Tie Dye, Imagination, Lime Accent, Jazzy, and many others.

Activity Chemo Caps

Unisex Activity Caps offer a more casual look that is designed to stay in place for all-day activity. Our soft & stretchy activity caps are terrific for a base layer under a scarf or look great on their own. You’ll love the comfort, soft fabric, and no-fuss coverage from these caps.
If you’re like a lot of our customers who find it challenging to tie knots in scarves or experience head coverage that slips or loosens throughout the day, we highly recommend an Activity Cap. Soft cotton fabric stays put without being constrictive. We offer some colors and patterns that work well for both men and women- and many that are ultra-feminine.

The Perfect Sleep Cap

Comfy, cozy, Jersey-quality cotton sleep caps are ideal for protecting sensitive scalps during nap time or night time. Lace-adorned chemo caps for sleep are priced right and can even be worn throughout the morning- even if you get unexpected company. Simple colors and patterns look great paired with any outfit, in case you don’t feel like changing your headwear before going out.

Shirred Chemo Caps

Our #1 seller on Hats For You is the classic, soft cotton Shirred Cap. Add volume to full coverage with our twist on the beanie hat. These caps create the illusion of hair through a few simple twists on the design. Shirred Caps offer tremendous value so you can add 2 or 3 of them to your wardrobe without going over budget.
At Hats For You, we don’t just sell the perfect chemo caps- we are also recognized as a leading supplier of quality headscarves, hats with and without hairpieces, headbands, headwraps, and cancer patient gifts. We have the right headwear for reliable, all-day coverage that won’t let you down.



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