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Biomedical Waste

Biomedical Waste

The decision to partner with another company shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially when selecting a biomedical waste management company. After all, you will have to put a lot of trust into the biomedical waste management company you choose, and choosing impulsively could result in numerous penalties and fines.

Inappropriate biomedical waste disposal can be harmful to you and the environment, and it could result in financial liability to your health care practice. So, it’s very important that you choose a company that will handle your biomedical waste properly and put your mind at ease. Having that in mind, here are some of the things you may want to consider when choosing a biomedical waste management company.


Experience in the biomedical waste management industry is quite priceless. An experienced biomedical waste management company doesn’t only have a proven track record of superior waste management service, but they also have a superior process to ensure the best biomedical waste pickup and disposal. 

Find a company such as MP1 Solutions that has been around for a while, understand the regular changes in the biomedical waste industry, and made the right adjustments to serve you better. If you are curious to see how much experience we have at MP1 Solutions, check out our about us page. We have a substantial number of years of experience in the industry; you can be sure to trust us with disposing of your biomedical waste.

Accessibility and Transparency

These are two extremely important parts of a biomedical waste disposal company. Find the company that has the quality customer service that your company needs. For example, some health care practices only need regularly scheduled biomedical waste pickups and secure handling, while other organizations need several questions to be answered and, from time to time, one-off pickups. In addition, it is vital to understand that with many EPA regulations constantly changing, you will need a biomedical waste management company that is always up to date. 

Do They Offer Training? 

OSHA training is important to make sure your organization complies with all the states and federal laws. There are courses you need to take annually and other courses you need to take to make sure your employees understand the changes in policies. The courses the biomedical waste companies should offer include:

  • HIPAA training
  • OSHA employee training

Ensure the company you choose offers training that works for your organization. It could be in online training, in-person training, but online training is usually cheaper and more convenient.

Appropriate Treatment Protocols

Your responsibility for regulated biomedical waste only ends when the waste has been completely destroyed. In summary, this means the longer it takes for your biomedical waste to be documented, packaged, treated, transported, and disposed of, the longer your organization is on the hook. So, the company you choose need to have clear practices and experience for handling biomedical waste. 

If you are presently looking to work with a biomedical waste management company who ticks all of these boxes, don’t hesitate to get in touch with MP1 Solutions. The company is here to make your health care organization compliant and safe and give you peace of mind.



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