At Home Gingivitis Screening

Understanding Gum Disease

At Prism Health, we understand the importance of early detection and prevention when it comes to gum disease. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the impact of gum disease on oral health and how our at-home test kits can empower you to take control of your oral health journey.

Oral Health Can Affect More Than Your Smile

Gum disease, known clinically as periodontal disease, is a pervasive oral health condition with far-reaching implications. Starting with the earliest stage, gingivitis, this condition manifests in symptoms such as swollen and bleeding gums, often dismissed as minor nuisances. However, untreated gingivitis can progress into more severe forms of gum disease, including periodontitis, where the damage extends beyond the gumline, leading to tooth loss, bone deterioration, and systemic health risks. Recent studies have linked gum disease to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes complications, and respiratory infections, underscoring its impact on overall health. Advanced periodontitis can significantly affect one’s quality of life, impairing speech, chewing function, and self-esteem due to tooth loss and oral discomfort. Recognizing the signs of gum disease early through Prism Health’s at-home test kits is crucial in preventing its progression and mitigating its adverse effects, empowering individuals to prioritize their oral health and overall well-being.

The Impact of Gum Disease

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a common oral health condition that affects the tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to various complications, including:

  • Tooth Loss: Advanced gum disease can result in tooth loss, impacting your ability to eat and speak properly.
  • Bone Loss: Gum disease can cause the bones supporting the teeth to weaken and deteriorate over time.
  • Systemic Health Risks: Recent studies have linked gum disease to an increased risk of systemic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory infections.  
It Starts with Screening

Prevention and Early Detection

Early detection and preventive measures are crucial in managing gum disease. Prism Health’s at-home test kits provide a convenient and effective solution for detecting gum disease early, allowing for timely intervention and prevention of complications. Our at-home test kits offer the following benefits:

  • Convenience: Test for gum disease from the comfort of your own home, eliminating the need for frequent dental visits.
  • Accuracy: Our advanced technology ensures accurate and reliable results, empowering you to make informed decisions about your oral health.
  • Personalized Treatment: Identify the specific bacteria causing gum disease with our at-home test kits, allowing for personalized treatment plans tailored to your needs.