At Home Gingivitis Screening

How Our Test Kits Work

Discovering the state of your oral health has never been easier or more reliable. Our cutting-edge oral health diagnostic test, utilizing a simple saliva-absorbing sponge, is designed to offer you a comprehensive understanding of your oral microbiome from the comfort of your home. Here’s how you can take control of your oral and systemic health in three straightforward steps:

First of It's Kind Screening

From collection to Results Prism's team is with you

Collect Your Sample

Order Your Kit: Visit our website to order your oral health test kit. Choose between a one-time purchase to try it out or subscribe for a test every 3 months to continuously monitor and improve your oral health.


Easy Collection: Upon receiving your kit, use the included oral sponge to absorb saliva—a quick and painless process taking no more than two minutes. Our step-by-step guide ensures you collect the sample correctly for accurate results.

Send It Back

Prepaid Return: No need to worry about shipping fees or finding an envelope. Pack your sample in the provided prepaid package and drop it in the mail. It’s that simple!

Understand Your Health

Rapid Results: Within a few days, you’ll receive a detailed PDF report in your email. This report not only identifies any pathogens present but also offers next-step recommendations tailored to you, including dietary changes, supplements, or specific treatments to improve your oral health.


Expert Guidance: If you have questions or need further advice, our telehealth service connects you with professionals ready to help interpret your results and guide you through your personalized care plan.

Oral Health Can Affect More Than Your Smile

Opting for our subscription service ensures that you maintain optimal oral health year-round. Regular testing every 3 months helps monitor the effectiveness of your treatment or dietary changes, allowing for adjustments as needed. Stay proactive in your oral health care with uninterrupted access to our cutting-edge diagnostics.

Prism Health Lab at home oral health screening kit

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