Prism Health Lab + Your Long-Term Care Facility: A Partnership in Managing COVID-19

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What are we offering?

In response to the ongoing need for vigilant COVID-19 management in long-term care facilities, Prism Health Lab is your dedicated partner in outbreak testing and vaccination. With a proven track record in swift and effective outbreak management, we bring our expertise directly to your facility, ensuring the health and safety of your residents and staff. 


In order to comply with this mandate, Prism Health Lab can provide a certificate to show that your business complies with OSHA’s required weekly testing for unvaccinated workers. This ensures all of your liabilities are covered in the case of a complaint as Prism will have your back and corroborate your efforts to provide testing for your coworkers. Prism Health Lab is offering to visit you at your place of work at least once a week to collect testing samples for COVID-19 detection for your employees. 


We are willing to send 1 or 2 medical assistants to your locations where they can set up shop for the day and your employees can get tested at their convenience. We offer both rapid and PCR testing services, depending on your and your employees needs. The services we offer are listed below. All services are available for our partnerships program.

Outbreak Testing Support Services

As mobile testing providers, our ability to work efficiently and effectively depends on our ability to work collaboratively. We have a few things we would like you to help us with that would make our services to you work seamlessly on a regular basis. This prevents additional burdens being imposed on our clinical staff members so they can focus on providing the best possible care for your employees. Prism Health Lab is a community-based medical practice center that focuses on COVID-19 services such as testing and vaccinations in the Chicagoland area. To date, we have tested over 50,000 people and helped vaccinate over 100,000. We have also deployed our COVID teams to various vaccination/testing sites, such as the United Center, O’Hare International Airport, ASPIRA Charter Schools, McCormick Place Convention Center, and others.

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Vaccination Programs

Post-outbreak recovery includes not just treatment but also prevention through vaccination. Prism Health Lab supports your facility in:

  • Administering COVID-19 Vaccines: We facilitate the vaccination of residents and staff with the latest available vaccines, ensuring your facility’s readiness against future outbreaks.
  • Educational Support: Understanding the importance of informed consent, we provide educational materials and guidance to help residents and staff make informed decisions about vaccination.
Partner with Prism

Logistics, Staffing, and Support

Our partnership is designed to integrate seamlessly with your facility’s operations, requiring minimal logistical and staffing support from your end. We ask for:

  • Access to Wi-Fi and space for setting up testing stations.
  • Provision of basic furniture like tables and chairs for our staff and those awaiting testing.
  • Collaboration with your team to ensure a smooth and efficient testing process.