Test to Treat

Test to Treat COVID Treatment

Test to Treat COVID Treatment

Through this program, people are able to get tested for COVID-19 and receive life saving antivirals from healthcare providers. If they are positive (or have already tested positive somewhere else) and this treatment is appropriate for them, they will receive a prescription from a healthcare provider (through telehealth) and have their prescription filled at one location. Prism Health Lab has become a “One-Stop Test to Treat” site.



If for some reason you are unable to make it in due to health or mobility restrictions, a telehealth appointment will be provided and the medicine can be locally delivered.

Why do patients need it?

Some patients are at a higher risk than others after testing positive for COVID-19. If you are deemed eligible by one of our healthcare providers, oral antiviral drugs can often be life saving medication. If you are showing symptoms for COVID-19, get tested today at one of Prism Health Lab’s locations and see if you’re eligible today.

Patient Instructions:

Does not require fasting.


*Federally funded. Please provide Insurance (if applicable).


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