Concierge Care

What is Concierge Care?


A self-testing service for COVID-19, Flu, and RSV located at your favorite businesses and organizations.

Why do I need Concierge Care?


If you’re feeling sick, help yourself to a testing kit to see if you have COVID-19, Flu, or RSV. The results will be sent to you within 48 hours and are covered by your insurance. This service is vital to keeping communities safe and is convenient.

Concierge Care

Prism Health Lab is offering its patients the Saliva Direct Self-Testing Program, expanding on technology developed by the Yale School of Public Health, Prism offers this premium service sponsored by local businesses and communities to help make your neighborhood safer. People can pick up small self-testing kits throughout their community, test at home or on the go, then drop off the test at a nearby drop box for clinically accurate results sent to their phone. If they test positive, Prism will offer them a telehealth appointment where they can have medications prescribed and delivered directly to their home.



*The COVID-19 test is offered at no cost to patients if they are experiencing symptoms or have had exposure to a person who is possibly positive. If they are uninsured, the test is covered by the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services. If they are insured, we will bill their insurance. No copay or deductible will be charged in line with emergency pandemic guidance. Please note public health surveillance & travel testing may not be covered by insurance and will incur a $100 for PCR testing. Prism Health Lab’s healthcare providers will attempt to contact patients before charging.



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