About Prism Health Lab's LTC STATeam

Coordinated Care Matters:

What makes the LTC STATeam unique is our ability to coordinate comprehensive care, allowing for seamless transition from Test to Treat. We offer a unique partnership to provide continuity of care throughout the entire course of an outbreak within a facility. As a physician-run group, we are able to facilitate decision making, placement of orders and prescriptions, and treatment plans to assist the LTC facility from beginning to end. Throughout our time serving various communities, key challenges have been identified:

  • Rapidly deploying staff / maintaining adequate staffing ratios to meet surge demands.
  • Pulling together various LTC stakeholders, including local health departments, the administrator/ executive director, the medical director, the director of nursing, facility staff, primary care physicians, residents, families, and third-party vendors.
  • Providing testing orders.
  • Placing pharmacy orders.
  • Seeking reimbursement from insurance.

While there is concern about increased paperwork and administrative penalties, it is worth considering the long-term benefits of a comprehensive testing strategy. Opting for rapid tests might seem like a cost-effective choice, but their lower accuracy could potentially result in broader outbreaks that are ultimately more difficult and expensive to manage. To mitigate administrative burdens, we handle all the reporting requirements and can collaborate with local health departments to establish an effective outbreak management strategy. Indeed, penalties are often tied to non-compliance rather than transparent reporting. Therefore, embracing accurate testing and thorough reporting works in your favor, aligning your facility with best practices in outbreak management.

It is well known that outbreaks add staffing pressures to LTC facilities. A study of nursing home workers and residents supports what Prism Health Lab has seen in the field, highlighting the increased workload, social pressure, and secondary traumatic stress among the long-term care community during an outbreak. The study found that a lack of resources, particularly staff and personal protective equipment, directly correlated with increased fear of infection, especially among those who perceived a shortage of resources. The LTC STATeam provides all resources, including staff, necessary to carry out the LTC Outbreak Protocol, at no cost.

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